Who’s Your Neighbor?

By: Cara Mossington, White Glove Rochester Realtor https://rochester.life/News/20220912News_DrCharlettaDennis01.html I met Charletta (Dr. Dennis) while pricing her multimillion-dollar home in Rochester a while back when she was contemplating selling.  I enjoy her so much, that truthfully, I hope she stays in Rochester despite her thoughts of moving away.  Relationships before transactions is what helps my soulContinue reading “Who’s Your Neighbor?”

What is going on?

With US equities and bonds having their worst first five months of the year in half a century, it is tempting to say that nothing is working in the financial markets.  There seems to bad news everywhere including the fact that while working from home means skipping the commute, it does come with a cost. Continue reading “What is going on?”

How I got Zillow to change my client’s Zestimate by $1 mil…

Think the Zestimate is accurate for the home you are trying to buy or sell?  If so, think again. I priced a home that I was listing at $2.4 million.  When I looked up the Zestimate, Zillow had it valued at $1.4 million.  Many phone calls and emails later, they changed the Zestimate to $2.3Continue reading “How I got Zillow to change my client’s Zestimate by $1 mil…”